Custom Koozies Being Held by Models


I find these images of models with custom koozies that were released by Express imprint as amazing and hilarious which feature models holding their custom koozies – personalized koozies by Express Imprint the sets of images feature famous models holding the koozies as they go on with their daily life. A spokesman for the company said “By the looks of it, our custom koozies may seem to just be a simple cup holder that keeps your drinks cold or hot. But today, these koozies are actually used to make a fashion statement. This may seem quite peculiar but is actually embraced nowadays by fashion conscious people.”

One can pimp his or her style by tagging along colorful koozies. The color just adds a simple pop on a certain outfit. A lot of people may not come to understand but fashion enthusiasts actually make use of every accessory in a very stylish form. Tagging along a drink calls for a fashion emergency too which demands for koozies to the rescue. For a fashion conscious person, everything that is tagged along should complement the outfit. This is why koozies have been seriously desired by fashion conscious people nowadays. Yet, not all koozies will work. Sometimes, the choice of a koozie might even drag the whole outfit down. There are certain considerations that need to be put to mind first when choosing koozies to mark a fashion statement.